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You Are Your Biggest Investment with Iris Cherng

Most people are afraid to dream big, because they are afraid of failure. I’m all about promoting going after your dreams, having that ambition, channeling the inner desire for what it is you want to do, and dreaming big.

Entrepreneur and mindset mentor, Iris Cherng, is the Founder and CEO of Honey Belle, a natural skincare line that she started at just 23. Iris is a passionate, ambitious, big dreamer who wants others to find their purpose just as she found hers.

Iris understands how taxing ambition alone can be, which is why she is a strong proponent of gratitude for all you have in the present moment.

Many of us struggle with feeling like we are not enough, that we haven’t achieved enough. But, guess what? You are more than enough. Imagine what would be possible if you took the energy you spent focusing on what you have not achieved and poured it into creation and exploration instead.

In this episode, Iris talks about her journey as a self-made entrepreneur and the importance of a community. Venturing out on your own is a lonely path to walk, which is why it is so important to have a tribe that holds you up.

Iris opens up about substance abuse and how she turned it around to become a self-care businesswoman. She also talks about overcoming the not-enough-hours-in-the-day syndrome many entrepreneurs suffer from, the value of celebrating what you have accomplished, and how to take risks that move you forward.

On your entrepreneurial journey, you will encounter self-doubt and fear of failure. You have two choices: Either you give in and let these feelings hold you back, or you get clear on what you want and take steps to get you to where you want to be. Iris is an admirable example of what is possible if we choose to go down that second road.

In this episode, Iris shares:

  • The realizations she came to when she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey.
  • How being ambitious and passionate has changed her life and why she encourages everyone to dream big.
  • The inspiration and support she got from her mom when getting her business off the ground.
  • Ways she dealt with the loneliness that comes with being an entrepreneur.
  • How she overcomes the feeling that she never has enough hours in the day.
  • The extraordinary pivot she made from substance abuse to self-care when she started her business.
  • Her views on mentors and why having more than one mentor is so helpful.
  • Skills that she draws on as a self-made entrepreneur.
  • Reflections on why she can be so hard on herself and how she works to move past this.
  • Her unique approach to taking risks and getting back in touch with her business vision.
  • Grounding advice for entrepreneurs who are having a hard time with their focus and energy.

Iris Cherng is an Asian-American female who is an exemplar of self-made entrepreneurship. She started her first business venture, Honey Belle, at 23 years old in 2015, with little to no business or career experience and has since partnered with retailers such as Urban Outfitters, CVS, Kohl’s, Forever 21, Neiman Marcus; while being featured on: Forbes, Ok! Magazine, Entrepreneur, PopSugar, and Buzzfeed. She continues to pursue her entrepreneurship and is now growing a few businesses across the industries of beauty, women’s apparel, and self-growth.

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You Are Your Biggest Investment with Iris Cherng

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