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Use Your Voice to Make a Living with Jodi Krangle

Know who you are, know why you’re doing what you’re doing, know who you’re trying to reach, and then use your sound accordingly. And make it consistent. Because consistency is how people remember.

A voice actor, singer, and audio branding enthusiast, Jodi Krangle has made a living with her voice while staying true to herself and her creative passion.

Sound allows us to time travel, to make deeper connections with people, and even makes the food we eat taste better. Although many of us appreciate good music and high-quality audio, brands largely do not use sound to its full potential to engage and create rapport with prospective clients. Jodi’s work in audio branding seeks to close this gap, helping companies with this aspect of their brand.

In this episode, Jodi talks about her journey as a voice actor and the winding road she took to get to where she is today. She encourages us to have faith in our experiences, knowing that everything will align and lead us to our craft.

Jodi talks about pursuing your art—and how working in a related practice helps you preserve your enthusiasm and remain connected to your creativity. Our conversation also touches on making pivots, what Jodi has learned about sound during her years in the industry, and how rejection turned her career around.

In Jodi’s words, “Starving artists should not be a thing.” Jodi shows us what can happen when we open up to the world around us and find interesting ways to make a living with our passion.

In this episode, Jodi shares:

  • The story of how she got into jazz and the album that inspired her love of the genre.
  • Her passion for audio branding, which she came to through her voice-over work.
  • How artists can make a living using their creativity and still stay connected to their art
  • The voiceover work that she does and how she expresses different personas.
  • Why you should never discount your previous experiences in your career path.
  • The inspiration that she draws from art and board games.
  • Why making money off something tangentially related to your passion can help you preserve your love for your enthusiasm.
  • What she has learned about the influence that sound has on people.
  • That brands do not leverage the power of sound to the best of their ability.
  • The biggest rejection of her career and how this ended up being a turning point.
  • Advice for those who want to build a career in voice acting.

Jodi Krangle has been a voice actor since 2007 and has worked with clients from major brands all over the world, including Dell, BBVA & Kraft. She’s also a singer, and in 2015, she put out her album of jazz, blues, and traditional tunes. Over the years, Jodi has learned a lot about sound and how it influences people. Her podcast on this subject is called Audio Branding: The hidden gem of marketing.

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Use Your Voice to Make a Living with Jodi Krangle

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