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Try Things That Scare You with Jennifer Edwards

Maybe it looks like everyone else knows what they’re doing and they aren’t afraid to fail, but no one feels that way. We are all pretending like we know what we’re doing. So don’t worry about that. Everyone else is feeling the same as you. It’s just whether or not you have the gumption to try it anyway.

Jennifer Edwards, the Founder of Tri Girls Rise, never saw herself as an athlete until she took a chance with triathlons later in life.

From almost zero fitness, Jennifer decided she wanted to tackle triathlons at the age of 26. Although she never identified as an athlete in her life, she thought: I can do this if I try. She explains how getting into triathlons completely changed her perspective and inspired her to encourage others like her to see themselves as an athlete at any age or ability.

Jennifer shows the reality of young girls dropping out of sports and why she decided to do something to change the status quo. Recently Jennifer started a non-profit organization called Tri Girls Rise as a way to help girls aged 8-16 feel empowered and more confident through the sport of triathlon.

Jennifer talks about how feeling accomplished has taken on new meaning for her, that success comes from liking yourself and what you do—even if you’re not the best at it. And she wants you to like who you are as a person and try things that scare you.

In this episode, Jennifer shares:

  • How success means liking who you are, what you do, and how you do it.
  • Her journey to feeling proud of the person she is, rather than seeking external validation.
  • Research showing girls dropping out of sports at an alarming rate.
  • Her thoughts on why girls are in sports to be accepted, not to win.
  • Ways she has learned to manage internal and external expectations.
  • Why you can’t get better without falling thousands of times.

Jennifer Edwards is the founder of Tri Girls Rise, a nonprofit organization in Vancouver, Canada that uses the sport of triathlon—along with empowerment and self-esteem courses—to give girls confidence, grit, and a healthy outlook on life.

Connect with Jennifer:

Tri Girls Rise

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Try Things That Scare You with Jennifer Edwards

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