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The Choice of Living Consciously with Julie Klene

Living consciously is that little spark before you actually light up a whole thing—you’re thinking about every action and their consequences. If I am more careful about the things I put into my life, I am giving myself an opportunity to be more conscious about everything else.

French adventure traveler and photographer Julie Klene of Les Petits Pas de Juls is taking life to a whole new level…living consciously.

Julie has traveled to 39+ countries, lived in four countries, and she speaks four languages—French, Spanish, English, and sign language. She has traveled the world solo, backpacked through South America, attempted the ascent of Mt. Blanc (the highest peak in Europe) three times, and skydived solo where she opens her own parachute.

Julie walks us through her choice to live consciously, to truly see things rather than take them for granted. For Julie, that means breathing and slowing down and being more mindful of her choices, whether she is traveling or buying something. She explains how this transition has impacted her photography, allowing her to focus on the smaller details she has longed to capture.

A long-time advocate of a zero-waste lifestyle, Julie continues to learn new ways to live in harmony with what’s around her and share these personal experiences on her travel photography blog, Les Petits Pas de Juls, which has been around since 2011. And she is excited to help you shift your perspective and live more consciously.

In this episode, Julie shares:

  • Projet Confinement, where she captured photos of Parisian life throughout the entire quarantine.
  • Her transition from taking the bigger picture to focusing on the smaller details of life.
  • The link between her job as a sign language interpreter and the visual language of photography.
  • Why she can never go back to the way she lived before choosing to live consciously.
  • How she is coming to terms with traveling consciously by adapting to slow and minimalist travel.
  • Ways she champions a zero-waste lifestyle and encourages others to be kind to the environment.

Julie Klene is a French adventure traveler who has been to 39+ countries and traveled the world solo. She has been running her travel photography blog, Les Petits Pas de Juls, since 2011. Each blog is written in three languages (French, Spanish, English) so people around the world can enjoy her travel adventures.

Connect with Julie:

Les Petits Pas de Juls

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The Choice of Living Consciously with Julie Klene

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