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The Art of Showing Up for Yourself with Sada Naegelin

When you’re giving and caring for people, you’re putting out a lot of energy. You need to figure out what those things are that fill up your cup of energy again. How do you fill yourself back up so you can show up in the best possible way for your loved ones and your responsibilities?

Sada Naegelin is a contemporary dancer and the Co-Founder of De Las Mías…community and connection always have and always will keep filling her cup.

Sada first performed when she was nine years old. Continuing her passion for physicality and artistic expression as a wife and mother, she has consistently performed well into her adult years—including when she was 7-months pregnant with her daughter.

Sada talks about showing up for herself, so she can show up for other people and other roles in her life. As her body changed from age and motherhood, she shares how she learned to foster acceptance and find new ways to express her emotions and connect with her body.

Making a positive impact is just what Sada does, whether she is sharing her magnetic dance choreography or empowering the underserved Latina community to live healthier and more joyful lives. How do you fill your cup? Sada is here to motivate you to stop pushing through life and start showing up for yourself.

In this episode, Sada shares:

  • The way contemporary dance allows her to fill her cup so she has the energy to show up for others.
  • Acceptance lessons throughout her life, including aging gracefully as a dancer and maintaining individuality as a wife and mother.
  • Her ability to find more creativity through routine and structure.
  • How the dancer’s drive to keep going will work for and against you beyond the stage.
  • The realization that being tough wasn’t the way to get through a difficult time.
  • That if you put the work in, you’ve done the practice and the performance will be the best that it can be.

Sada Naegelin is CEO and Co-Founder of De Las Mías, a bilingual healthy lifestyle community built for Latinas by Latinas. She is an active member of the Portland, Oregon modern dance community and she has over 10 years of experience in business development, marketing, and human-centered design.

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The Art of Showing Up for Yourself with Sada Naegelin

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