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The Anti-Diet and Body Respect Movement with Tanya Mark

You really have to honor body diversity and genetics. Take care of your health, regardless of the number on the scale, and separate your wellness from your weight number.

Non-diet nutrition and body image coach, Tanya Mark, is an advocate for the body respect and anti-diet movement. She works to redefine health and helps her clients take the focus off the scale by teaching them gentle nutrition practices and ways to honor their unique genetic blueprint.

The ever-expanding mainstream health and wellness industry is largely guided by faulty weight science that idealizes a specific body type and conflates health and weight. These ideas are so ingrained in us and permeate how most of us think, including Tanya, who has spent 20 years in the wellness space herself.

In this episode, Tanya shares her journey with us and how she came to unlearn some of the harmful ideas she held around what health and wellness are. From being obsessed with clean eating to feeling liberated and tuned into her body, Tanya’s path has given her a deep empathy for the struggles many of her clients go through. We also talk about navigating social media and representations of wellness, diet culture, and accepting your body at varying stages of our lives.

It is an unfortunate reality that as women, we will most likely struggle with our body image at one point or another and try “healthy” things that may actually do more harm than good. When we can learn to tune into our bodies and care for them with love, we can define health on our own terms.

In this episode, Tanya shares:

  • The story of how she became such a passionate advocate for the anti-diet body respect movement.
  • An example that illustrates her unhealthy obsession with eating healthy food.
  • The video that changed the way she thought and drove her to do body image work.
  • The importance of separating weight from wellness and how learning about this changed her.
  • Why we need to be aware of the non-diet diets prevalent on social media.
  • The variety of stress management techniques she draws on.
  • Insights into some of the flaws of weight science and why it should be re-examined.
  • A way to look at health and wellness that is not attached to weight.
  • When she felt like she was not good enough and how she overcame it.
  • The two women archetypes, princess and queen, and why we get stuck in the princess version of ourselves.

Tanya Mark is Non-Diet Nutrition and Body Image Coach, professionally certified in Nutrition Therapy, Eating Psychology, and Intuitive Eating. She’s also a Body Image Movement Global Ambassador, Redefining Wellness Ambassador, and author behind “Radical Acceptance,” a Jackson Hole News & Guide column focused on promoting healthy body image and redefining health. She works with clients privately and teaches group classes virtually, from her home base in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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The Anti-Diet and Body Respect Movement with Tanya Mark

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