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Tap into Your Creative Forces with Kate Johnston

Creativity is an opportunity to grow. We are lifelong creators and lifelong learners and we are always evolving. You’re not going to stay where you are today—you’re going to be somewhere different down the road. How you got to this moment is an evolution.

For writing coach and author, Kate Johnston, creativity is the cornerstone of a joyful and fulfilled life. By tapping into her creative forces, she has learned, healed, and evolved.

Kate’s approach to writing and teaching is honest and mindful. By starting from a place of self-inquiry and curiosity, writers can learn more about who they are and create from there. Kate believes we find lessons at every turn when we understand that what we are going through—either good or bad—is not the truth, but merely an experience.

In this episode, Kate talks about the beautiful way in which teaching writing has brought more joy to her own creative work. A key part of her work is mindset coaching. Kate walks us through how she helps writers tap into their creative forces by meeting writers where they are and helping them overcome walls they may be facing.

Kate is truly the embodiment of what it means to live a joyful creative life. Her insights into obstacles, expansion, and creation are especially affirming in light of the tough times we find ourselves in.

In this episode, Kate shares:

  • Her lifelong relationship with writing and the escape it has offered her.
  • How she has moved past the common self-loathing phase of the creative process.
  • Morning rituals that help her start the day intentionally.
  • Insights into the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and how it works through bodily tapping.
  • Her teaching journey and how this has informed her own creative practice.
  • Struggles she faces while juggling so much with her business and the sacrifices she makes with her fiction.
  • Her Writers for Wildlife’s mission and why she founded this program.
  • The power of affirmations and positive thinking in changing your life.
  • Affirmations she turns to when she is confronted with limiting beliefs.
  • How mindset coaching is a technique that allows her to help people tap into their creative forces.
  • Steps she took to overcome a difficult and demoralizing time when she was trying to get her work published.
  • Why reframing rejection as a way of clearing space helps us deal with it.
  • Advice for writers who are suffering from imposter syndrome.

Kate Johnston is a writing coach, book editor, and author. She specializes in mindset coaching, empowering people to tap into their natural creative forces so they attract the creative life they desire. When Kate isn’t working with writers or immersed in her own fiction, she’s busy with Writers for Wildlife, a program she founded to raise funds for non-profit organizations worldwide to support their efforts in conservation protection and emergency relief.

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