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Strengthen Your Skills Muscles with Roxana Radulescu

Whenever we do something that comes easy to us, we take it for granted. We don’t think that’s the superpower. We think that’s something that everybody can do. It’s not always the case.

Roxana Radulescu is the Chief Game-Changer and Founder of All Personal, a training, coaching, and consulting company. She is passionate about helping people strengthen their skills muscles so they can flourish and live in alignment.

Roxana has always loved learning and understands the value of the knowledge that you gain every day. She believes that we all have a unique set of superpowers and skills that we can work on to help us navigate the ever-changing world we live in. We might have difficulty seeing our strengths, however, if we turn inward and get curious, we can unearth them.

In this episode, Roxana shares why she and her family moved from Romania to Canada and the long process it entailed. We then hear more about her enthusiasm and how being shy when she was younger sharpened her observational powers and ultimately led her to the path she is now on. Roxana also shares her analogy of skills muscles, why they can be compared to our physical muscles and the importance of acknowledging what you are good at.

We live in a world that lends itself to comparison, and we may think that our unique gifts are not valuable, but that could not be further from the truth. As Roxana’s message highlights, when we tune into our skills and work on them, we can shine our light as bright as is possible.

In this episode, Roxana shares:

  • Her long journey from Romania to Canada and why she and her family chose to emigrate.
  • Why she is so passionate about learning and personal superpowers.
  • The importance of expanding the notion of creativity and not only focusing on artistic expression.
  • Her downtime rituals and the necessity of time off if you want to be a high performer.
  • The difficulty that comes with working from home, where it’s challenging to separate work and life.
  • How being a shy child and observing people led to her curiosity as an adult.
  • The superpowers she worked on to go from a shy child to a TEDx speaker.
  • Why she likes to bring an element of playfulness into her workshops.
  • Her skills muscles idea and how this can help us deal with change better.
  • The challenges that came with starting her own business and what helped her stay on course.

Roxana is the Founder of All Personal, a bespoke training, coaching, and consulting Canadian company. All Personal works with corporate, small businesses, and non-government organizations and helps them build game-changing teams and cultures. All Personal also provides global online group programs for professionals who want to build and develop their management and leadership skills to create dream careers, dream teams, or dream businesses and change the future of work for the better.

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Strengthen Your Skills Muscles with Roxana Radulescu

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