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Pivot Like You Mean It with Kate McCulley

Sometimes when you’re starting a new creative project, you really just have to throw yourself in. Know that perfect is the enemy of good and just do it. And, if you do something wrong, just fix it along the way.

Kate McCulley, better known as Adventurous Kate, is the publisher of AdventurousKate.com, a renowned women’s solo travel blog. Along with being a prolific travel blogger, Kate knows how to pivot and she has adapted incredibly well to the times.

Empowering women has always been the central tenet of Kate’s work. When the travel industry ground to a halt, Kate made strategic decisions that have allowed her to stay connected to her enthusiasm while continually uplifting other women.

In this episode, Kate talks about the challenges that come with making a major pivot and starting a new creative pursuit. Often it’s about getting out of your way, jumping in, and correcting as you go. For creatives with public-facing personal brands, it can be especially difficult to accept an iterative process—but there will always be people in your corner.

Kate shares actionable tips from her Patreon course, where she teaches creatives how to leverage the platform. She also discusses the power of an engaged community, the distinction between positive and negative meditation, and what you should ask yourself if you need to make a pivot in your life.

While most of us can’t say we survived a shipwreck in Indonesia like Kate, we can certainly relate to Kate’s story of perseverance after living through 2020. A year filled with disruptions and loss, 2020 forced many of us to pivot…whether we wanted to or not. Kate shows us how beautiful change can be if we flow with the changing tide.

In this episode, Kate shares:

  • Details about her move to Prague and what’s changed since her first visit to the city in 2004.
  • The harrowing story of the shipwreck she survived in Indonesia in 2011.
  • How she has adapted to the times, given that travel came to a standstill
  • Why she believes in paying for content and how a subscription model ensures good quality work.
  • The unexpected outcomes of her pivot and the beauty of growing closer to her readers.
  • Her advice for starting a new creative project and how to avoid analysis paralysis.
  • The motivation and inspiration she feels from helping and empowering women.
  • How her background as a classically trained concert pianist relates to her creative process.
  • What she chooses not to share and the importance of having boundaries and developing a filter with your work.
  • Three things she wishes she knew about Patreon early on.
  • How she moves past self-doubt and the role meditation plays in cultivating positive feelings.
  • A final piece of wisdom for anyone who needs to make a pivot in their life.

For ten years, Kate McCulley has been teaching women how to travel around the world safely, from Lebanon to Colombia to Antarctica. One of the world’s leading travel blogs for women, Adventurous Kate contains guides, resources, and creative travel narratives from 83 countries and all seven continents. In 2017 Forbes named Kate one of the world’s Top 10 Travel Influencers. She has worked with the US State Department and her work has taken her to the White House. Kate is originally from the Boston area and now lives in Prague.

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Pivot Like You Mean It with Kate McCulley

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