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Pick One Place to Start with Case Lane

If there’s a lot more of us doing work we really love—solving problems and providing solutions to people—we would probably have a better world.

Founder, entrepreneur, writer, and podcaster Case Lane, is enthusiastic about guiding others towards achieving lifestyle freedom. She started her company, Ready Entrepreneur, to help people design the life that they want on their own terms, through creating their own online businesses.

Working for yourself is not easy. But for some of us, we would not have it any other way. Case is one of those people—she firmly believes that if more of us did the work we wanted to do, the world would be in a better place.

Lifestyle freedom does not mean never having to work. In fact, entrepreneurs often work more hours than most. But you get to decide how to allocate your time and energy in a way that makes sense for you.

In this episode, Case shares her own journey of becoming an entrepreneur and achieving lifestyle freedom. A former diplomat and legal professional, Case bravely decided to venture out on her own and she is passionate about teaching the lessons she has learned along the way.

She talks about entrepreneurship more broadly and why the picture of someone working behind a computer in their garage is a dated representation of what it means to be an entrepreneur. We also touch on the importance of defining success on your terms, why it is vital to be intentional about your downtime, and the power of taking the first step.

As the past year has shown us, doing business online is not going anywhere and creating something that fulfills you is more possible than ever before. Yes, it is overwhelming when you get started. But as Case reminds us, you don’t have to do it all at once. Pick one thing, go for it, and see where it takes you.

In this episode, Case shares:

  • Her background and career in foreign service and law and what sparked her interest in online business.
  • How she came up with her pen name, Case Lane.
  • Her definition of lifestyle freedom and why she is drawn to the decision-making autonomy of it.
  • The drawbacks of working for someone else and the pressure that comes with it.
  • How the pandemic has shifted the way people think about work and lifestyle freedom.
  • Why we need to expand our understanding of entrepreneurship.
  • Strategies for dealing with things that drain her productivity.
  • Affirmations that she uses to inspire self-confidence.
  • Why it is important to define what success means to you, rather than on other people’s terms.
  • Stories of clients she has worked with who have achieved lifestyle freedom.
  • Difficulties entrepreneurs have getting started and how she helps clients overcome them.
  • How she makes time for herself to take a break from the hustle.
  • Ways entrepreneurs can give themselves downtime when entertainment and travel activities aren’t possible.
  • The advice she would give to entrepreneurs who are struggling to focus on their goals.

Case Lane is a global writer, entrepreneur, podcaster, traveler, and the founder of Ready Entrepreneur. Her business prepares aspiring entrepreneurs to understand how to take advantage of technology and global resources, to achieve lifestyle freedom by starting their own online business.

Connect with Case:

Ready Entrepreneur
The Ready Entrepreneur Podcast

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Pick One Place to Start with Case Lane

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