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Overcoming Solo Travel Stereotypes with Jessica Korteman

To say that every woman who is stepping outside of her backyard is doing so to find herself is completely inaccurate. There are so many reasons why we might take a trip. We might be traveling for work or other passions—not simply finding some inner sense of peace.

Australian travel writer Jessica Korteman of Travel Solo Anyway is on a mission to redefine solo travel for women.

Jessica has circumnavigated the globe three times and traveled to 50+ countries…about half of them as a solo traveler. She shares her personal encounters with solo travel stereotypes as a female solo traveler who is married and now a new mom—including dealing with misperceptions about having “trouble in paradise” and flying off to faraway destinations to find herself.

Jessica talks through her decade-long journey as a travel writer who focuses on creating accurate portrayals of her travel experiences, while dealing with writing procrastination and travel burnout.

She first started her award-winning travel blog, Notes of Nomads, in 2011 to document the aftermath of the Tohoku earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear disaster. Today Jessica is pushing the envelope on women in travel with her latest blogging venture, Travel Solo Anyway—and she is here to encourage you to think differently about solo travel, destinations, and relationships.

In this episode, Jessica shares:

  • Ways to navigate mental, emotional, and physical stress during COVID.
  • How to beat writing procrastination with time blocks.
  • Stereotypes she has witnessed traveling solo as a married woman and a new mom.
  • The importance of representation and inclusion in travel content.
  • Methods she learned to stop contaminating her time.
  • How she champions solo travel for women through writing and community.

Jessica Korteman is an Australian travel writer, formerly based in Tokyo, Japan, who has traveled to more than 50 countries. Her work has been featured on Lonely Planet, NHK, Intrepid Travel, and Singapore Airlines’ in-flight magazine SilverKris. She has three blogs, the award-winning Notes of Nomads, her solo travel blog for those in relationships, Travel Solo Anyway, and her latest venture, Japanese Food Guide.

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Overcoming Solo Travel Stereotypes with Jessica Korteman

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