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Master Yourself to Master Your Life with Aura Martinez

Self-discovery is my greatest passion because when we do the inner journey, we get to the most fascinating place that we will ever visit…and that is ourselves. That is what leads to personal fulfillment, what leads to greater well-being, and what leads to happiness.

For self-discovery and empowerment coach, Aura Martinez, life’s greatest adventure is going within and reconnecting with ourselves. While so many of us turn to external sources to find fulfillment, nothing will ever give us the sense of peace that we get from the inner journey.

This year has led many of us—perhaps reluctantly—to walk a path of self-discovery. With restrictions on activities like travel and socializing, we have started to find a deep contentedness that comes from within. Aura believes that by getting curious and listening to what we are feeling, we can journey closer to our true essence and see the most beautiful places inside.

In this episode, Aura expands on her passion for self-discovery and shares some of the stumbling blocks she commonly sees in her line of work. While people mostly start doing inner work during tough times, it is a lifelong process of shedding those layers and not something to quit when times are good.

Aura shares grounding practices that she uses—like morning meditation, daily pauses, and nighttime reflections—and how we can incorporate more mindful check-ins into our own lives. Aura explores why being open is key to hearing universal messages and how to see the blessings this challenging year has brought to all of us.

Inner work is the commitment of a lifetime. As Aura highlights, there is no relationship more important than the one you have with yourself. So you might as well do everything in your power to master yourself.

In this episode, Aura shares:

  • Her passion for self-discovery and what she believes we gain from going within.
  • How as a flight attendant who has traveled extensively, she greatly enjoys helping people embrace their inner traveler through life coaching.
  • Why the inner journey is ongoing, not just something for tough times.
  • Some of the challenges she sees when people start doing inner work.
  • The importance of having a variety of stress management tools and what works for her.
  • How powerful a journaling practice can be and the recommendations she makes to her clients.
  • Why the real peace we are seeking is always within and can’t be found externally.
  • The difference between attraction and allowance.
  • That without being open, we will never receive the messages that are meant for us.
  • Techniques that help her connect with her inner being, including meditation and journaling.
  • Why continually watching the news is harmful to our souls.
  • A time where she felt deeply frustrated and how leaning into that frustration helped her get through it.
  • Advice for those struggling to see the hidden beauty of 2020.

Aura E. Martinez is a self-discovery and empowerment coach. As a flight attendant who has traveled the world, this opportunity has helped her see and learn so much and discover that the most fabulous place for us all to see is within ourselves. Aura is the founder of Live to the Max™/Viva al máximo™, author of the book Creating a Lifetime of Wellness: Start Having the Life You Deserve and the journal Creating a Lifetime of Wellness: Your Personal Coach to the Different Areas of Your Life.

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Master Yourself to Master Your Life with Aura Martinez

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