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Maintain Joy Day-to-Day with Jennifer Trask

I believe that living a joyful life is a choice. Joy in your whole life is what matters because this is your life. You only get one shot at it.

Business and mindset coach for coaches, Jennifer Trask, is enthusiastic about helping entrepreneurs live joyous lives. She is an award-winning coach and has spent over a decade helping business owners build mindsets that move them forward.

Running your own business can be a grind, and often it is harder than working for someone else because you do not know when to switch off. When you are in the weeds, trying to keep things afloat, it may be hard to enjoy the journey of building your own company. But deferring your happiness until you reach your goal is no way to live, which is why Jennifer is so passionate about helping people see the joy in the here and now.

In this episode, Jennifer walks us through her entrepreneurial journey and the breakthroughs she had along the way. We talk about training yourself to see joyful moments in your day, the myth of job security, why being joyous does not mean ignoring the “bad” emotions, and what we can do if we are feeling stuck in our current situations.

We spend most of our waking hours working, so why would we not want to enjoy what we do? As Jennifer highlights, being joyful is a choice, and if we commit and re-commit to feeling it day in and day out, our business and personal lives will flourish.

In this episode, Jennifer shares:

  • How moving to a more expensive city forced her to up her game and make more money.
  • Why she is so passionate about helping entrepreneurs live joyous lives.
  • What Jennifer noticed about entrepreneurs when she became one herself.
  • The twofold benefit that comes with living a more joyous life.
  • Why having job security when you are employed for someone else is an illusion.
  • How she stays joyful in her life and work through training herself to see joy.
  • The value of focusing on joy and positivity and how this shapes our lives.
  • What she has done to maintain her focus, especially during the pandemic.
  • That living a joyful life means feeling the spectrum of emotions.
  • The importance of boundaries as an entrepreneur.
  • Advice for getting unstuck and why you should get curious rather than mad.
  • How she turned her most challenging external experience into a growth one.

Award-winning coach, Jennifer Trask has spent over a decade helping driven entrepreneurs build powerhouse mindsets that enable them to take action built on incredible courage, confidence, and clarity. Combined with strategic business direction, Jennifer’s clients experience massive shifts and growth in their businesses. Jennifer is the proud creator of The Joyous Journey. She has been voted Diamond & Platinum Life Coach of The Year by Toronto Star Readers in 2019 & 2020.

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Maintain Joy Day-to-Day with Jennifer Trask

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