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Lowering Your Cost of Living

When you balance the finance area of your life, you think and act differently in all areas of your life. Instead of constantly living in a reactive state, you move your life in the direction you want. You can only make so much money and the trade-off is time and energy. Something you can do is lower your cost of living.

Many of us don’t like to talk or think about money, but there is a direct correlation between your finances and your passion. This week Britt brings you another solo show, where she explores topics that positively and/or negatively impact your enthusiasm—this discussion is all about taking a long look at your cost of living.

Britt’s second most popular blog of 2020, Why I Left Portland and Moved Back to Milwaukee, rang true for many this year. This topic is particularly relevant given the state of the economy, where people are scaling back and hustling more to make ends meet. Having lived and left the West Coast twice, Britt has seen firsthand how lowering your cost of living can raise your quality of life.

In this episode, Britt talks about how finances impact your enthusiasm and how focusing only on income-generating activities will drain your time and energy reserves. She shares her own experience in Portland, where she lost her love for writing blogs and books because she was so focused on making money to maintain a decent quality of life.

Britt also expands on some useful tools, like The Wheel of Life and the Money Dial, and how you can use these to get your finances back on track. You’ll also hear tips on prioritizing how you spend money, decreasing costs and increasing efficiency, and making a calculated decision to move to a more affordable city.

It’s not about chasing money…it’s about using money as a tool. If your finances are more balanced, it’s easier to focus on your passion because you have less stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. If your finances are out of whack, it’s time to balance this area of your life. And, lowering your cost of living plays an important role.

In this episode, Britt shares:

  • How maintaining a higher cost of living diminished her enthusiasm for writing blogs and books and pursuing new passion projects and businesses.
  • Her financial relief since returning to Milwaukee and how this has reignited her creative passions.
  • The two times she left the West Coast and the motivation behind each decision.
  • The popularity of her blog on moving from Portland back to Milwaukee and why people are responding to it this year.
  • 2020 research about net population growth and decreases in cities across the United States, with a trend of people moving away from high cost of living cities.
  • The importance of being balanced in your finances, which often gets overlooked or ignored.
  • Ways to decrease your cost of living, including looking at how you spend, where to save money and time, and moving to a cheaper city.
  • How she increased efficiency in her business by spending on resources.
  • How the Wheel of Life helps you visualize all areas of your life at a glance to see opportunities for improvement—finances being one of these areas.
  • Why trying to achieve financial freedom by earning more money isn’t the best approach.

Britt Skrabanek is the self-published fiction author of four novelsBeneath the Satin Gloves, Everything’s Not Bigger, Nola Fran Evie, and Virasana (releasing Winter 2021). She is a content strategist and the co-founder of Superneat Marketing, a long-time blogger, and the host of Love Your Enthusiasm, a self-empowerment podcast that inspires women to pursue their greatest passion. She is also a yogi, ballet dancer, cat mom, and life enthusiast.

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Lowering Your Cost of Living

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