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Live Your Best Life Authentically with Alison Armstrong

Living your best life is not necessarily about being successful in conventional terms. It’s not about doing things and having things that you think will make you happy. It’s about being authentic and being willing to live an unconventional life.

The phrase “Live your best life” gets thrown around so much that it has become devoid of any true meaning. However, today’s guest, travel writer and photographer, Alison Armstrong, is the absolute embodiment of this adage.

Every day we get bombarded by hyper-curated lifestyle aspirations on social media. Alison understands our best life is not about external markers of success, but about following our inner calling. And it takes serious work to tune into the voice within.

In this episode, Alison shares the stories of her external and internal adventures. Although travel has always been important in her life, nothing compares to her journey of self-discovery. Alison talks about the honesty that has underpinned everything she has done and how she has strengthened her ability to connect with herself throughout her life.

From the outside, it might seem as though Alison has taken tremendous risks. She expands on why even though she has made unconventional choices, these decisions never felt difficult to make. She shares the work she has done to collapse her limiting beliefs, her path to finding love with her husband, and why we should lean into our feelings of being stuck.

Living authentically means listening to your truth. Whether you want to climb the corporate ladder or live out of a suitcase, as long as you are doing what you are called to do, Alison believes you most certainly are living your best life.

In this episode, Alison shares:

  • Some of the incredible adventures she has been on around the world.
  • Her unique, expanded understanding of what it means to live your best life.
  • How the Instagram version of living your best life makes us feel.
  • Reflections on her experiences and the honesty with which she has pursued everything.
  • Different levels of accomplishment and what they mean to her.
  • Her inner journey and practices that have helped her like breath therapy.
  • That the most important part of living your best life is about listening to your inner truth.
  • The experience of going deeper into herself over the years and becoming clearer in her vision.
  • The biggest risk she ever took and why it was worth taking.
  • Why living your best life means trusting the unfolding of your life—even if it’s hard.
  • Her advice for anyone feeling stuck on how to live authentically.

Alison Armstrong has always led an adventurous life. But in 2011, both in their 60s, she and her husband sold their home and possessions and set out on a nomadic journey that lasted nearly six years. She records their travels on her award-winning blog, Adventures in Wonderland. Her work has appeared in Intrepid Travel, Retirement and Good Living, Huff Post Live, and The Travel Channel.

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Live Your Best Life Authentically with Alison Armstrong

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