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Intentionally Redesign Your Home Life with Jane Leach

Architecture is all about people. Architecture is creating a shelter for people to do things, to live, to work, and to play. If you have a more diverse group of people who are procuring, designing, and delivering architecture, it’s going to better represent the diverse needs of all the people who are going to use those buildings.

Jane Leach, eco-home architect and the Founder of iarchitect, is on a mission to make homes a reflection of who we are and a means of serving the planet.

Jane believes that taking a conscious approach to designing and creating homes allows homeowners to live more intentionally. Since female architects are still scarce in the industry, Jane’s mission is to ensure that women have their architectural needs heard and met.

In this episode, Jane shares how the experience of growing up in an uninsulated Victorian home in Liverpool, England, ignited her passion for eco-friendly architecture. Only once she was a practicing architect did her parents trust her to finally insulate their home.

For Jane, eco-home architecture is about living better without feeling deprived. She wants people to live in comfortable homes that have a deep consideration of sustainability. Jane also discusses what it’s like being a woman in a male-dominated industry, her approach to time management, and the importance of having diverse voices in built environment professions.

As Jane highlights, architecture is about people. Human beings are inherently diverse and have unique experiences. The work Jane is doing goes a long way in capturing the beauty of this diversity.

In this episode, Jane shares:

  • The story of growing up in an uninsulated eight-bedroom Victorian house.
  • Where her passion for intentional design came from and why she believes it’s so important.
  • Benefits that come with living in an eco-friendly designed home.
  • Changes she has seen in the construction and architecture space in the UK due to COVID.
  • Why she likes having parameters when working, rather than having free rein.
  • Her varied time management strategies and how they help her overcome mental roadblocks.
  • The accountability group she is a part of and the role it’s played in her productivity.
  • Her architectural influences and the scarcity of women in the architecture and construction industries.
  • How she ensures that women’s needs are better represented through her work.
  • Common mistakes she sees clients making with their home environments.
  • How she approaches risks and what she does to balance risk-taking.
  • Advice for someone unsure about pursuing the path of architecture and other fields to consider.

Jane Leach is an eco-home architect and the Founder of iarchitect. Featured in Ideal Homes magazine, Jane is passionate about helping eco-conscious homeowners of period properties create comfortable, characterful homes that suit their unique modern lifestyle and protect the planet.

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Intentionally Redesign Your Home Life with Jane Leach

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