how to take a break from alcohol

How to Take A Break from Alcohol

Taking an alcohol break will help you be more comfortable in your own skin, because you aren’t falling back on booze to ”come out of your shell” or “let your hair down.” You’re going to feel more confident because you don’t have anything else to hide behind. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Even though alcohol consumption has been deeply ingrained in our society for thousands of years, it’s still a taboo subject to openly talk about. This week Britt introduces a new segment on Love Your Enthusiasm, where she takes a deep dive into topics that impact your enthusiasm, either positively, negatively, or both—and this episode looks at the complex issue of alcohol.

As alcohol is a substance, negative effects like hangovers, memory impairment, and sluggishness are well-documented. But have you ever considered how alcohol disrupts your time and energy? By taking away these precious resources, you have less drive to focus on your passion and to live out your enthusiasm.

Britt shares her experience of talking about alcohol consumption publicly on her blog and social media. While it was initially terrifying for her, the overwhelming support she received made her realize just how many people are affected by alcohol imbalances.

Dependency or addiction manifests differently for everyone, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution and there certainly isn’t an easy button any of us can push. Britt reveals the steps that worked for her during previous alcohol breaks, including committing to a designated time period, avoiding triggers, and rewarding herself.

There are numerous benefits to taking a break from alcohol. Even if you ditch alcohol for a short 30-day challenge, you’ll tune into the many positives and bonuses that happen when you trade your alcohol habit for healthier habits. It’s more of a “Why the hell not?” rather than a “Why?”

In this episode, Britt shares:

  • Why she has decided to talk about alcohol consumption now and her experiences of discussing it publicly before.
  • The popularity of her blog “6 Months Without Alcohol and Life is Beautiful” and why it continues to resonate with thousands of people.
  • The definition of a high-functioning alcoholic and how alcohol as a lifestyle impacts most of us.
  • The startling increase in alcohol consumption in 2020 and why there is no better time like the present to reclaim our health and our lives.
  • Some of the known and lesser-known negative effects of alcohol consumption.
  • Questions to ask yourself if you feel like it’s time to take a break from alcohol.
  • Her own experience with drugs and alcohol, including hitting rock bottom and nearly destroying her life by the time she was 20 years old.
  • Tips, resources, and actionable steps that have helped her take alcohol breaks.
  • How to travel without booze and have a damn good time.
  • The many benefits of taking an alcohol break and the importance of tuning in to what you gain.

Britt Skrabanek is the self-published fiction author of four novelsBeneath the Satin Gloves, Everything’s Not Bigger, Nola Fran Evie, and Virasana (releasing Winter 2021). She is a content strategist and the co-founder of Superneat Marketing, a long-time blogger, and the host of Love Your Enthusiasm, a self-empowerment podcast that inspires women to pursue their greatest passion. She is also a yogi, ballet dancer, cat mom, and life enthusiast.

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How to Take a Break From Alcohol

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