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How To Follow Your Truth with Karen Munna

If you can imagine the wheel, we are part of the eternal unfolding…it’s who we are. In the most basic sense, it’s what we are. Every creation begins with a thought and every thought is born from a deeper, divine self that resides within each and every one of us.

Owner, Founder, and Custodian of AHKí Retreat in Costa Rica, Karen Munna is dedicated to helping and inspiring others to follow their truth.

Karen believes we are “creation creating.” By following through with an idea and living the results, we are manifesting what we are meant to have. In doing so, we are moving with the flow of creation. While it is natural during difficult times to feel as though we are stagnant, as energetic forces, we are always moving and it’s important to trust the process.

Karen followed the signs that showed her AHKí was a space people needed. It’s not that she chose the path, but rather that she was open to letting the path choose her. Karen discusses how her yoga retreat became a place for people to drop into themselves and heal.

She also reflects on the collective healing journey we are all on together during the pandemic, how the old paradigm was no longer serving us, and why this moment of pause has created a space for deep reflection and heightened awareness.

The journey of self-inquiry is just that…a journey, not a destination. Which is why it is essential to be kind to yourself every step of the way. By having faith that you are where you need to be, you will receive everything you need to follow your ultimate truth.

In this episode, Karen shares:

  • How things are going in Costa Rica and with AHKí, in light of the pandemic.
  • Her journey to helping people follow their truth and how she was called to do this.
  • The story of how she ended up building her retreat in Costa Rica, previous careers, and how AHKí is the culmination of her past.
  • What she means by “we are creation creating” and the constant flow of creation.
  • How this difficult year is increasing human connection and pushing our collective creativity in new directions.
  • Why it’s important to let things be what they are—and not to force creativity.
  • The importance of staying physically and mentally active to keep the mind sharp.
  • Why mistakes are not something to beat yourself up over, but rather lessons to learn from.
  • Tips on getting started with meditation, trying different types, and being kind to yourself.
  • Insights on “bad trips” and why they can be profound learning experiences.
  • Advice for those struggling to follow their truth—be honest with yourself and don’t force it.

Karen Munna is the Owner, Founder, and Custodian of AHKí Retreat Costa Rica. As a certified yoga teacher, certified Thai yoga therapist, certified Healing Touch® Practitioner, Karen holds space for seekers, leaders, shamans, therapists, and anyone needing a place left-of-center from their daily life where they can drop into themselves.

Photo Credit: Bobbie Harte

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How to Follow Your Truth with Karen Munna

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