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How to Become an Unshakable Optimist with Lucy Liu

Failures are events. Failures are not an adjective to describe a person. I can fail many times and they are just lessons for me. I’m never a failure and I will never be.

Life coach and podcast host, Lucy Liu, is on a mission to inspire hope, optimism, and joy. Helping others live the life of their dreams is the driving force behind all that she does.

Lucy has put in an unbelievable amount of work to get to a place of unshakable optimism. The idea of optimism might sound trite to some of us, because we don’t understand what it truly means. Lucy offers a different meaning of the idea of optimism, based on intentionality and deciding how you react to and perceive situations.

In this episode, Lucy shares her experience of trying to make a name for herself as an actress while sharing a name with a famous actress—and how this coincidence diminished her confidence. Rather than living in the other Lucy Liu’s shadows, she put in the work and discovered her passion for spreading optimism along the way.

It can be hard to turn things down because we feel like we may lose opportunities, but when we are more intentional about where we put our energy, we gain so much more. Lucy discusses why it’s necessary to establish your values, set boundaries, and say no. She also shows you how to move past limiting beliefs and why failure is simply a lesson in disguise.

When rocks are thrown at us, we can choose to see them as boulders in our way or pebbles that help us pave the path to our success. By applying Lucy’s advice, we can all cultivate an ability to endure tough times and thrive…no matter what life throws our way.

In this episode, Lucy shares:

  • The impact that getting confused with the actress, Lucy Liu, had on her.
  • How the emotion we attach to stories in our lives determines our direction.
  • Why she is so passionate about spreading hope, optimism, and joy.
  • Her definition of optimism and putting in the work to become a truly optimistic person.
  • That life is happening for you and not to you if you make the choice to see it this way.
  • How she managed to get through the turbulent pandemic times by having non-negotiables that fill her cup.
  • The importance of clarifying your priorities if you are to set healthy boundaries.
  • Time management strategies that work for her and her clients, including a dream life calendar.
  • Why saying no can actually lead to more opportunities.
  • Rules she has set in her life and why turning things down is easy for her.
  • How the fear of death led Lucy to think about her enthusiasm differently.
  • The most common challenges she helps women in transitional phases overcome.
  • Ways limiting beliefs impact us and what we can do to keep moving forward and focus on what we want.

Lucy Liu is a certified life coach helping women in life transitions get unstuck, beat overwhelm, see clarity, reach new goals, live a happier fulfilling life, and thrive. She also inspires as the host of her weekly podcast The Lucy Liu Show and has been featured in Medium, VoyageLA, Elephant Journal, and ThriveGlobal.

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How to Become an Unshakable Optimist with Lucy Liu

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