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Give Yourself the Grace with Bobbi Kahler

Sometimes our bodies are telling us we need rest and that’s okay. That’s part of healing and being well. It’s not being lazy.

Personal Change Chef and podcast host, Bobbi Kahler, is on a mission to help others live fulfilling and authentic lives.

As someone who was once told that she should not be alive, Bobbi has gone on a journey to rebuild herself and her health. Through it all, she recognized how powerful the pursuit of your passion can be.

When we feel empty, it’s natural to want to blame others. But what if, rather than looking outward, we looked within and realized that we already had all the solutions?

Bobbi had this epiphany during what she calls her “country music year” at the age of 23. Afterward, she understood just how empowered we all are to create our realities—Bobbi knew she had to help people shape the best versions of themselves.

In this episode, Bobbi talks about her enthusiasm for being a facilitator and coach. We hear about her struggles with her health and what this taught her about giving herself grace.

In a culture so obsessed with achievements and busyness, many of us struggle to slow down. Bobbi shares how being forced to take a break helped her cultivate gratitude. While relearning how to move her body, she gained insight into how important intentionality and motivation are when learning a new skill.

Bobbi’s story highlights that life isn’t happening to us…it’s happening for us. We are in the driver’s seat of our own lives and we have the power to decide how to interpret the gifts we are given. If we listen to ourselves and honor our needs, we are certain to find fulfillment along the way.

In this episode, Bobbi shares:

  • The incredible story of how she went cross-country skiing for 96 days.
  • How the epiphany she had when she was 23 set her mission to help others in motion.
  • Techniques she shares with her clients to help them overcome procrastination.
  • The benefits of delegating and how this can help you get closer to your enthusiasm.
  • Her story of adrenal collapse, why saying “no” saved her life, and what she has learned about boundaries.
  • Why her illness had the greatest impact on her life and her enthusiasm.
  • The experience and challenges that came with rebuilding her health.
  • Her definition of authenticity and the possible danger that comes with living authentically.
  • Insights into her “learn your way forward” technique.
  • What she means by the “just wait voice” and how we can overcome it.
  • Advice for those who feel empty rather than fulfilled in their lives.

An author, animal lover, athlete, and achiever, this Rocky Mountain resident is passionate about everything she applies herself to, and her clients are the beneficiary. Known as a Personal Change Chef, Bobbi Kahler is a servant of anyone seeking personal improvement. For 20 years she has continuously refined her craft of transferring knowledge and helping others transform their lives. Bobbi is also the podcast host of UnYielded.

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Give Yourself the Grace with Bobbi Kahler

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