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Gain Storytelling Confidence with Lauren Popish

Podcasting has helped me with mindfulness and having deeper, more intentional interactions. When I encourage someone to go and build a podcast, those are the kinds of experiences I’m advocating for—in addition to the other great stuff, like building your influence, getting your idea out into the world, and building your communication skills.

As the Founder of The Wave Podcasting, Lauren Popish has built a company that aims to help women tell their unique stories through podcasts. Not only are podcasts an incredible medium to have women’s voices heard, but it also provides an unmatched opportunity to strengthen their confidence.

Having seen firsthand the power that starting a podcast had in transforming her own life, Lauren, a maker at heart, felt motivated to share her creation and knowledge with the world. She knew that she had to bring other women along on this incredible journey.

In this episode, Lauren talks about how an intense public speaking blunder took her from an extroverted, outspoken person to someone who suddenly feared speaking up. Through this difficult but important experience, she saw what happens when people don’t feel like they have a voice. She shares how she has worked on this, and why having a podcast gave her so much confidence.

Lauren shares an interesting, unexpected takeaway from podcasting—increased mindfulness—and why this is a benefit she hopes others can receive as well. She discusses her structured approach to going down learning rabbit holes, along with the importance of outsourcing, what to think about when starting a podcast, and why you should aim for progress and not perfection.

Lauren’s story shows that feeling vulnerable and shame are all part of the human condition. We can choose to let these difficult feelings hold us back, or we can face them head-on and turn them around, armed with more stories and lessons to share with the world.

In this episode, Lauren shares:

  • Why the book, Quiet, is so profound, particularly as she has gotten older.
  • The public speaking blunder that made her understand how vulnerable talking in front of others can be.
  • Her passion for helping women gain confidence in using their voices to share their stories, opinions, and interests.
  • The active work she does to overcome her anxiety.
  • How podcasting has helped her be more mindful and present in an overstimulated world.
  • Insights into the Pomodoro technique and how it helps her stay productive.
  • Her love of reading and listening to podcasts and how she uses learning to stay inspired.
  • How running a business full-time has helped her think differently about how she spends her time.
  • Why she sticks to listening to select podcasts for inspiration and enjoyment.
  • The two important misconceptions she hears about podcasts.
  • Advice for new podcasters who are feeling overwhelmed about starting a podcast.

Lauren Popish is the founder of The Wave Podcasting, which aims to help womxn tell their unique stories through podcasting. The Wave’s first womxn-only recording studio opened in Los Angeles in February 2020. Lauren’s passion for creating spaces that inspire comfort and confidence comes from her 10-year career in commercial interior design and real estate. When she isn’t helping other womxn create podcasts, she hosts her own podcast, Book Wine Club.

Connect with Lauren:

Book (Wine) Club

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Gain Storytelling Confidence with Lauren Popish

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