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Explore Your Spiritual Evolution with Jennie Lee

You’re living your purpose. You’re living your joy. You’re living a balanced, peaceful life. Spiritual self-development is this process of getting to know ourselves at a level that’s beyond our human story.

Author and yoga therapist, Jennie Lee, has a passion for all things yoga and spiritual self-development. As a lifelong student of yoga, yoga philosophy, and spiritual psychology, Jennie has an extensive toolbox of practices that allow for optimal wellbeing and purposeful living.

Spirituality and self-development are terms we are hearing more frequently than ever before. While everyone has a different lens that they view this through, Jennie’s position is that spiritual self-development is about our soul’s pathway to remembering our true essence. This means that we all know what our purpose is and that it is within all of us to connect to who we truly are.

In this episode, Jennie talks about how she sees accomplishment and the role that her yoga practice has played in understanding her motivations. She acknowledges how lucky she is to be aligned with her calling, and the work she does to connect with her spiritual exploration and help people feel good about themselves.

Jennie also sheds light on her meditation practice and how you can start one. She discusses why we should all be cultivating discipline rather than fearing it, along with ways we might carry the shift in consciousness we experienced over the past year into the rest of our lives.

Spiritual self-development is a lifelong practice. When we put in this great work, we come back to ourselves and connect with our spiritual essence and purpose.

In this episode, Jennie shares:

  • What spirituality and self-development mean to her.
  • The relationship between surfing and spirituality in her life.
  • How learning to surf later in life has taught her about compassion and self-humor.
  • Her view of accomplishment and how it has changed over time.
  • A story of a client she worked with who experienced an inner shift.
  • The importance of meditation in helping her stay balanced and spiritually fulfilled.
  • Her perspective on meditation, how she teaches it, and recommendations for getting started.
  • Why the idea that we need to turn our thoughts off when we are meditating is all wrong.
  • The need to reframe discipline as a positive rather than negative quality.
  • Her current three favorite questions from her book, Spark Change.
  • The importance of looking within in order to contribute a shift in mass consciousness.
  • Some of the ways that she deals with overwhelm.
  • Words of advice for those who are struggling to find their spiritual purpose.

Jennie Lee is the award-winning author of three books: SPARK CHANGE: 108 Provocative Questions for Spiritual Evolution; TRUE YOGA: Practicing with the Yoga Sutras for Happiness & Spiritual Fulfillment; and BREATHING LOVE: Meditation in Action. She is also a certified yoga therapist and spiritual coach, who has counseled private clients worldwide for over 20 years.

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Explore Your Spiritual Evolution with Jennie Lee

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