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Discovering Truth Through Fiction with Eden Baylee

There is a great sense of reward in connecting to somebody through your work. Discovering truth in my fiction is discovering how I can relate to people through my writing. As human beings, we are all seeking ways to connect to one another. Now more than ever, connection is the common narrative that unites us.

Eden Baylee, an author of erotica, flash fiction, and suspense, uses her fiction as a vehicle to discover truth and connect with people.

Eden left a twenty-year banking career to write and now she is a full-time author with 15+titles in multiple genres. Infusing truth and reality into her work is the best way Eden knows to connect with her readers. Through her stories, she has always believed in using writing to strengthen the human connection.

Eden discusses the many influences that have shaped her fiction, including her passions for music and travel. She gets into the details of her constant quest for improvement as a writer, including how she protects her creative energy, refines her technique, and continues to embrace flexibility with genres.

To keep at it, determination is key. Eden encourages you to learn from life’s lessons—but not dwell on things—and to keep doing what you love no matter how many times you face rejection or self-doubt.

In this episode, Eden shares:

  • That the highest reward is connecting with people when they relate to your art.
  • The common narrative of humanity is connection and artists can help bring people together.
  • Her unique writing journey across diverse genres spanning erotica novellas, flash fiction, and suspense novels.
  • Her requirements for a productive environment and how she protects her creativity from negativity and distractions.
  • The biggest influences on her writing, from Charles Bukowski to travel and music.
  • Why it’s important to consider and learn from feedback but also to keep moving forward and doing what you love.

Eden Baylee has written three collections of erotic novellas and flash fiction. In 2014, she launched the first novel of her Stranger Trilogy with Dr. Kate Hampton—a psychological mystery/suspense called Stranger at Sunset. Her blog covers her writing, daily life, and two of her strongest sources of creative inspiration…music and travel.

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