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Create Your Own Version of Health with Courtney McCarthy

A normal human experience is bumps and bruises and jiggles and wiggles. Learn to see the beauty in that. It’s not happiness in spite of those things. It’s happiness because of all of those things.

Owner and CEO of Loyobo FIT, Courtney McCarthy, is passionate about getting women to truly love their bodies by creating a non-judgmental and open fitness space where exploration and community are a fundamental part of the experience.

When Courtney started working in the fitness industry, she constantly heard the same feedback from her clients—they did not feel valued, heard, and seen. Many of us have probably had similar experiences at large gyms, where we have been intimidated and felt judged.

Pervasive and normalized toxic diet culture, along with unattainable health and beauty standards, feeds into the self-loathing relationship we have with our bodies where we are constantly chasing impossible goals. Not only does that take us out of the present moment, but we never truly feel grateful for our bodies as they are.

In this episode, Courtney talks about her own path of growing to love her body and the ongoing work she puts into it. She talks about her experience of working in the mainstream fitness industry and the shocking things she saw.

We also unpack body wisdom and the value of learning to trust your body again, why it is so important to approach everything (including fitness) with a beginner’s mindset, and the benefit of having a flexible definition of what “being healthy” means.

Despite what we are programmed to believe, we are all beautiful just as we are. Courtney’s approach to health is going a long way in helping us unlearn many of the false beliefs that ultimately steal so much of our joy. If we can step into what makes us unique, we will see our power and be able to celebrate our bodies for all that they can do.

In this episode, Courtney shares:

  • Why she is on a mission to help women create their own version of health.
  • That there is a fitness experience out there for everyone, you just have to find it.
  • The importance of having a beginner’s mindset and pushing out of your comfort zone.
  • Her experience of working as a fitness professional and why she was so unhappy.
  • That there are shifting values in some parts of the fitness industry.
  • Why changing our ideas around what healthy bodies look like will take a long time.
  • Her definition of healthy, at this stage of her life.
  • The beauty that comes with aging and how our bodies evolve over time.
  • How we get separated from our innate body wisdom and the importance of getting in tune with it again.
  • Her ongoing journey from loathing her body to loving it and the struggles she still experiences.
  • Practices, like mindfulness and affirmations, that have helped her step outside of diet culture.
  • The importance of being aware of the media you consume and the way it shapes your self-worth.

Courtney is an ACE certified group fitness instructor, mindset coach, owner, and CEO of Loyobo FIT. She created Loyobo FIT in 2018 because she strongly believes that the fitness and health industry is BROKEN. After years of struggling with painful symptoms of IBS, low self-esteem, body loathing, and an unhealthy relationship with food and her body, she realized that you can’t hate your way to a healthy body. Along with her business partner Lori McConnell, she teaches women how to ditch diet culture, find joy in movement, and write a new definition of what health and success mean for them.

Connect with Courtney:

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Create Your Own Version of Health with Courtney McCarthy

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