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Cook to Feel Fabulous with Ashley Douglas

You give someone a plate and the expression that they get from eating good food is so fulfilling. It’s almost like you have a little piece of my heart on a plate. That’s the piece I love about sharing my recipes…it makes me feel good.

For vegetarian chef Ashley Douglas, food is not only her creative outlet and form of self-expression but also a crucial way she connects with others.

For many people, cooking can feel like a bit of a drag…Ashley is on a mission to change that. She wants to show people how to bring more fun into the kitchen and embrace their inner chefs. With a focus on feeling good inside and out, her food nourishes both body and soul.

In this episode, we discuss the major life pivot Ashley made from fashion to food. Although fashion and food may seem worlds apart, she uses the strong visioning skills that served her well in fashion to create incredible meals. Ashley touches on maintaining human connection during this time, why we need to change our quick-fix mentality around food, and some mental health topics like anxiety and burnout.

Ashley’s approach to cooking is exploratory and encouraging. Ashley reminds us that food offers a chance to tell a story about who we—and that no matter how full our plates are, we must always make room for ourselves.

In this episode, Ashley shares:

  • A mouthwatering vegan beer bratwurst recipe and why you should give okra a chance.
  • Her transition from the difficult fashion industry to working as a chef.
  • The fulfillment she gets from creating recipes and sharing her food with people.
  • How she fosters the human connection in the current virtual landscape.
  • Her insights into how people’s relationship with cooking has changed due to COVID.
  • Why she depends on her phone as the ultimate productivity tool and how she regulates screen time.
  • That Lent was the catalyst for her to dive fully into becoming a vegetarian.
  • Her most memorable cooking moment when she taught her first cooking class.
  • Some of her best tips on making cooking as efficient as possible.
  • Her struggles with anxiety and effective ways she has learned to manage it.
  • Encouraging words she has leaned on during difficult times.
  • Advice for those who want to make more room for cooking in their lives.

Ashley Douglas is a vegetarian chef at Frobulous Veggies, and she has been on this journey for 5+ years. Soon after attending culinary school, she began hosting cooking demonstrations to educate and inform the community on how to cook plant-based recipes. Her goal is to continue giving her community greater accessibility to living a healthy and fabulous life.

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Cook to Feel Fabulous with Ashley Douglas

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