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Changing the World Through Movement with Caitlin Trainor

Through embodiment practices, we can be more self-aware and have a fuller experience of living. Dance amplifies a feeling of aliveness and being connected to others. Through dance, we share in a cultural exchange. If we share music, dance, and bodily practices, perhaps we’ll have greater empathy for our brothers and sisters.

Caitlin Trainor is the Founder of Dancio, a platform that offers on-demand ballet and contemporary dance classes. Caitlin believes movement is a way for us to achieve more embodied, self-aware lives and to understand the experiences of others.

In an increasingly materialistic world, Caitlin recognizes just how radical dance can be. Our society seeks to separate us from our bodies, so coming back to ourselves over and over again is an act of protest against expectations and norms.

In this episode, Caitlin journeys into her lifelong passion for dance and movement. Even through challenges in the dance space, the creative fire that dance has lit within Caitlin has always kept her going.

She talks about the role other creators play in her life and why being around people who challenge the status quo keeps her inspired. She shares a definitive moment in her teaching career, where she tangibly saw the profound impact that dance can have. Caitlin explores the future of video in dance, and how movement through video will be a key tool in making teaching, rehearsing, and conditioning more effective.

Although 2020 is an incredibly difficult time for dancers, Caitlin’s message is one of hope. We will always need dance—and we will keep coming back to it time and time again in whatever form we need to create.

In this episode, Caitlin shares:

  • Her insights into the pandemic shifts and how they have affected the art form of dance.
  • The evolution of Dancio and how they’ve applied user feedback to their platform.
  • What the most rewarding part of founding and running Dancio is.
  • That we should not forget that this is an incredible time for creative investment.
  • The ways she protects her creative energy by being around rule-breakers.
  • An incredible story that she considers her greatest success in her teaching career.
  • The role that Mary Cochran, a visionary dancer, played in her life.
  • Why she views her life as a mountain and the link between progress and nature.
  • The important need for embodiment practices like dance in the digital world.
  • How video is going to be increasingly used as a key tool for dancers, teachers, and performers.
  • The time she came close to throwing in the towel with her dance company and what changed her mind.
  • Words of encouragement for any dancers struggling this year.

Caitlin Trainor is an NYC-based dancer, choreographer, creative entrepreneur, and the Founder of Dancio—a platform in use in 50+ countries that provides online dance classes with world-class teachers. Caitlin is the founder and artistic director of Trainor Dance and a member of the dance faculty at Barnard College/Columbia University.

Connect with Caitlin:

Trainor Dance

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Changing the World Through Movement with Caitlin Trainor

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