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Being a Life Enthusiast with Britt Skrabanek

Being a life enthusiast means approaching life and everything that you do with gusto. Life is too beautiful and complex and full of adventures to settle on just one thing.

To kick off the new year on a fresh note, we are mixing things up for the first episode of 2021 with a Love Your Enthusiasm host takeover. Britt Skrabanek is interviewed by a guest from the early days, author Victoria Dougherty, talking about being a life enthusiast.

After being on the air for nearly eight months, Britt thought it was a good idea for you to get to know her a bit more by being in the guest hot seat herself. After an endless deliberation about defining her enthusiasm for this special episode—something she asks every Love Your Enthusiasm guest to do—she landed on her favorite catch-all phrase that encompasses her approach…life enthusiasm.

In this episode, Britt talks about holding onto your life enthusiasm and understanding the power of taking a step back to revitalize your spirit. Britt discusses how words and movement are interlinked, managing expectations and perfectionism, and the realities of paying your dues with new endeavors.

Life is too beautiful and complex and full of adventures…we don’t have to settle on just one thing if we don’t want to. Being a life enthusiast is all about approaching life and everything in it with gusto. Get ready to approach this new year with a renewed sense of wonder and purpose.

In this episode, Britt shares:

  • The serendipitous origins of the life enthusiast and how it became her entire approach.
  • The double-edged sword of being a life enthusiast and the high expectations that come with it.
  • How she maintains her productivity and enthusiasm for blogging and the dips she’s experienced along the way.
  • Why it’s better to cultivate discipline by “getting your ass in the chair” rather than waiting around for inspiration.
  • Words of caution for those who might want to start a blog, which is a long-term relationship…not a fling.
  • Lessons she has learned about avoiding burnout and not throwing in the towel.
  • The importance of being adaptable and leveraging the power of technology wisely.
  • Her evolved yoga practice and how it’s mirrored her focus on slowing down.
  • The lifelong relationship she has had with words and movement and how she blends the two.
  • Creative endeavors that she has wanted to pursue but has chosen not to.
  • Why creatives should take the time to reflect on what they are doing to channel their energy.
  • The advice she would give her younger self about staying cool to avoid physically and emotionally overheating.
  • The importance of managing expectations internally and externally to avoid feeling discouraged.
  • Difficulties that come with switching creative directions, including paying her dues and accepting the learning curve.

Britt Skrabanek is the self-published fiction author of four novelsBeneath the Satin Gloves, Everything’s Not Bigger, Nola Fran Evie, and Virasana (releasing Winter 2021). She is a content strategist and the co-founder of Superneat Marketing, a long-time blogger, and the host of Love Your Enthusiasm, a self-empowerment podcast that inspires women to pursue their greatest passion. She is also a yogi, ballet dancer, cat mom, and life enthusiast.

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